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Armed With Exit Poll 'Inputs', Kamal Nath Says 'We are Winning in Madhya Pradesh'

Armed With Exit Poll 'Inputs', Kamal Nath Says 'We are Winning in Madhya Pradesh'

Oozing confidence, MPCC president Kamal Nath on Thursday affirmed that the Congress will be forming the next government in the state as he got calls from those who conduct exit polls saying the same.

An exit poll is a survey in which people who have just voted in an election are asked which candidate they voted for.

Upon the completion of the EC ban, the exit polls would start going public from Friday evening.

Meanwhile, Kamal Nath, who addressed a session of all the 229 candidates of the party over counting day precautions at the PCC, claimed that history would be scripted in MP in the next five days.

“I got calls from those who have conducted exit polls telling me that the Congress was winning in MP,” said Nath, adding that the party is also winning in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.

The Chhindwara MP reiterated his claims of the Congress winning 140 seats in MP saying the figure wasn’t derived through any lottery.

“I did constituency-wise studies and reached on this figure after due diligence,” said Nath.

Nath said he had personally visited various areas, including those where the party suffered heavy defeats last time, and the response has been positive.

“We did commit certain mistakes in Gujarat and Karnataka but in Madhya Pradesh we strategised by learning from our past mistakes,” he said.

On the training session of the party candidates, Nath said that the candidates are being trained to be vigilant so that there are no problems on the day of counting on December 11.

On being asked about his response to the fact that several party leaders are backing his name for the post of Chief Minister, Nath only smiled. On being pressed more on the subject, he asked the media to wait for a few more days.

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