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Chiranjeevi's hospital for film workers to be operational by his next b'day

Chiranjeevi's hospital for film workers to be operational by his next b'day

Hyderabad   Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi, who is all set to celebrate his birthday on Monday, has announced that he intends to build a hospital for the welfare of cine workers at Chitrapuri Colony in Hyderabad.

Participating in an event associated with Celebrity Cricket, the actor assured those present that the hospital would be operational by the time his birthday arrives next year.

Addressing the gathering, Chiranjeevi said, "I've got this desire to build a hospital at Chitrapuri Colony. I have been nurturing this thought for some time now."

"I want to build a hospital at least with 10 beds. This hospital should be able to address all the health issues of cine workers, which don't require them to go to big hospitals.

"...This hospital should be beneficial to all cine workers, who come under the BPL category or who get daily wage," the actor said.

"The satisfaction I get out of doing this cannot be measured. So, the moment I got this thought, I started planning. I thank all my younger brothers who have lent a helping hand in this regard," he added.

Stating that he intended to name the hospital after his dad, the actor promised, "I give you my word on this birthday of mine. It will be operational by the time my next birthday arrives. No matter how many crores it costs, I will do it. If someone is willing to partner this initiative, I will be happy to accomodate," the actor said, explaining that he intended to undertake this mission as a mean to give back to the industry that had given him so much.

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