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'19th Century' in the AR/VR century: Malayalam film's trailer on Metaverse

'19th Century' in the AR/VR century: Malayalam film's trailer on Metaverse

Kochi,  Mollywood history has been made with its launch in Metaverse of the '19th century' trailer. A 3D space for the trailer launch has been prepared in Metaverse in relation to the story environment of this historical film.

Directed by Vinayan under the banner of Sri Gokulam Movies, this big budget film is produced by Gokulam Gopalan.

The event began with director Vinayan and Gokulam Gopalan talking about the film at a function organised in a royal palace. Thereafter, the palace's durbar hall was turned to a big-screen movie theatre and the trailer was also shown on this screen.

As part of the Metaverse launch, Vinayan, lead actor Siju Wilson, executive producer Krishnamurthy, cameraman Shajikumar and actor Vishnu Vinayan participated in the function held at Kochi.

Vinayan said that he is very proud to have integrated the new concept of Metaverse with this film.

"The art of cinema is closely related to technology, so we had decided to adopt this new technology in this movie," Vinayan said, adding that it won't take long for Metaverse to become the movie hub of tomorrow.

"Metaverse is the place where the real world is recreated in a virtual space. Everything will be reproduced there as 3D versions and 3D models of humans, and they will be known as avatars. Everyone can create their own avatars as per their choice," Vinayan added.

Metaverse is a mixed world where technologies like 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality come together.

The Meta application was developed for the '19th century' by a company called XR Horizon operating at the Kerala Startup Village in Kalamasery.

People can enter this virtual world using different devices. The tool released by Facebook, MetaQuest, costs Rs 45,000. It is expected that its price will come down as its usage in the near future.

The makers of the movie said that through this technology, special features will be offered to audiences to enjoy the trailer. For this, Gokulam Group is planning to open Meta experience centres in malls in major cities of Kerala and with this you can watch the trailer for free.

Touted to be a pan Indian mega budget film, '19th century' tells the story of Aratupuzha Velayudhapanikar, a 19th-century social reformer. The movie will be an Onam release on September 8. The trailer of the film was also released on YouTube.

Kayadu Lohar is the heroine and Anoop Menon, Chemban Vinod, Sudev Nair, Gokulam Gopalan, Tinitom, Indrans, Vishnu Vinayan, Raghavan, Alencier, Mustafa, Jafar Idukki, Chalipala, Sharan, Doctor Shinu, Vishnu Govind, Sftikam George, Sunil Sukada, Jayan Cherthala, Baiju Ezhupunna are the others who played the major roles. The film also features Sundara Pandian.

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