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Winds of change being witnessed in Gujarat: Punjab CM

Winds of change being witnessed in Gujarat: Punjab CM

Rajkot (Gujarat),   Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Sunday said winds of change were being witnessed in Gujarat and people of the state will script acnew success story after the Assembly polls.

Interacting with the media here while presenting guarantee of maintenance of cow, Mann, accompanied by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, said the people of Gujarat were confronting same problems as were witnessed in Punjab prior to 2022 polls.

"Gujarat is facing severe agriculture crisis, schools and hospitals are in shambles, and the situation of roads are in pitiable situation, a situation which was in Punjab before 2022 polls."

Mann said the situation "can change only if the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is voted to power".

Slamming the Congress and the BJP, he said that both the parties are two sides of the same coin. He said despite of being worst victim of Operation Lotus, the Congress has supported BJP's anti-democratic stand in the ongoing session of the Assembly.

Mann said once it was Congress-I but now it is Congress-BJP as both the parties have connived with each other to plunder people and wealth of the state.

Listing the several initiatives of the Aam Aadmi government in Punjab, he said from July 1 onwards, the Punjab government has provided 600 units of free power to people in every bill cycle.

He said as a result of this around 50 lakh households out of total 72.66 lakh, which was roughly 68.71 per cent of total, have got zero power bill September.

Likewise, Mann said more than 17,000 government jobs have been given to the youth in last six months.

Similarly, the Chief Minister said his government is against the exploitative contractual system of jobs due to which they had started process of regularising services of more than 30,000 contractual employees in state.

Mann said he has launched anti-corruption helpline after which corrupt elements are being put behind the bars. He said only an honest government can take such path-breaking and pro-people initiatives.

The Chief Minister said in order to tackle the menace of stray cattle, the state government is strengthening the Gau Sewa Commission. The motive is to reduce the fatalities due to accidents caused by stray cattle on one hand and to ensure proper upkeep of cows on the other.

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