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I workout only 15-20 minutes in a day: Milind Soman

I workout only 15-20 minutes in a day: Milind Soman

Mumbai,  Fitness guru and style icon Milind Soman might beat any young actor when it comes to fitness, however many don't know that the veteran runner only workout for 15-20 minutes in a day.

Age is just a number for Milind Soman who continues to amaze everyone with his agility even when he is just 3 years short of touching 60.

"I enjoy it. I like being fit. I've been fit all my life. I don't want, I don't want to let go of the feeling of fitness. Fitness to me, basically means being able to live your life the way you want. It's not for me, It's not about six packs or biceps or big chest or anything like that," Milind Soman told IANS on the sidelines of GM Half Marathon here on Sunday.

"It's about freedom that I don't have to think about. anything that I want to do in my life, whether I'm going to be capable of doing it, whether it's going to be difficult, I can climb any mountain I want. I can swim anywhere I want, I can trek. I can enjoy any experience that life has to offer because I maintain a certain level of fitness," he added.

The 56-year-old further asserted that being fit is a not a complicated process as most people thinks it to be.

"I like to be fit. And also, like most people think that it's a very complicated process. It's not very complicated. It's very, very simple. So, a lot of people may not know that I workout only 15-20 minutes in a day because that is when you are fit, you can, all you need to maintain a level of fitness. And again, when I'm talking about fitness, it's not about how you look. It's about how your bodies and mind is able to perform," he opined.

Milind Soman also shed light on how he manages to remain fit just by having normal food without any kind of supplements.

"It depends on what is your current diet. So, the diet that you need is a simple diet. It's a normal diet. Like my favorite staple food that I eat is Dal Khichdi. I don't have any special food that I eat. I don't take supplements, no kind of supplement. I've never taken any supplements and I have done a lot of different kinds of running," said Milind

"I've done Iron Man, I've done Ultraman. I don't have a special diet. I've never had a special diet. So eat simple, local, seasonal, eat a variety of food, a variety of vegetables, variety of fruits, and be active. That's all you need to do," he added.

Milind Soman on Sunday graced in GM Half Marathon, presented by Goregaon Sports Club. It was the first run for a cause marathon organised by GSC and for which "GM Modular" was the title sponsor.

Speaking with IANS on the event, Jayanth Jain, GM Modular CEO & MD said, "From such events the motive is nothing but to create awareness about fitness and good health. It feels great to see such overwhelming response from everyone supporting this cause."

The prestigious event "GM Half Marathon" garnered colossal online registrations from all sports enthusiasts and witnessed both elite and new runners of all walks of life and ages running on the track with gusto and tremendous energy. Also, the winner of the marathon was rewarded with a coveted Gold Coin for the feat.

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