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Organ trafficking angle in human sacrifice case seems doubtful: Kerala Police

Organ trafficking angle in human sacrifice case seems doubtful: Kerala Police

Kochi,  The Kerala police team, probing the human sacrifice case, is yet to get an evidence indicating that the murders were carried out as part of organ trafficking.

C.H.Nagaraju, Kochi City Police commissioner who is presently leading the probe team said Mohammed Shafi, the prime accused in the case, has been cooking up stories about him and the other two accused -Bhagaval Singh and his wife Laila to mislead the police.

"An organ transplant under non-hygienic conditions cannot happen, but all aspects are being probed. Shafi has been very close with the couple for a while and he has been weaving lots of stories to us also. We are probing every aspect," said Nagaraju.

"The medical team which conducted the autopsies has done a very good job as the bodies were cut into pieces. Now our job is to clearly identify the motive of the murders. We still have a lot of places to visit as part of evidence collection," added Nagaraju.

Last week, the Kerala Police probe team arrested three persons in the case of suspected human sacrifice of two women in Pathanamthitta district.

The present case which saw the arrest of three people -- the prime accused Mohammed Shafi whom the police have identified as a psychopath and a sexual pervert and the couple Singh and his wife Laila -- used to run a massage centre near Aranmula in Pathanamthitta district at their house.

It was Shafi the mastermind who brought two women, the first one in June and the second one in September to the house of couple under the pretext of shooting a porn film and each of the women, both lottery sellers in Ernakulam district, where Shafi resides, were offered money.

Shafi had befriended Singh through the social media since 2019 and convinced them that a human sacrifice if conducted will bring them exalted status as black magic has got supernatural powers.

Even though a man missing case was registered in August after the daughter of Rosyln- the first lady to go missing, the police at Ernakulam was unable to make any headway and when the second lady went missing on September 26thAand a missing case was registered, did the police put their acts together and busted the way the three member gang led by Shafi and the case was found out.

On October 12, all three were sent to 14 days judicial custody and later the police approached the court seeking their custody and it was granted and by now a few sessions of questioning has been over and on Wednesday, they will for the third time be taken to the couple's house for further investigation.

In a related development, the Kerala government informed the High Court that very soon they will come out with a new law against black magic as the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan himself has said.

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