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#LifeComesFullCircle: Chiranjeevi, Pranitha share joy over Sunak's elevation

#LifeComesFullCircle: Chiranjeevi, Pranitha share joy over Sunak's elevation

Chennai,  Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi and Kannada actress Pranitha Subhash joined scores of Indians across the world who expressed happiness and pride at the fact that an Indian-origin man had gone on to become the Prime Minister-elect of the UK.

Soon after news broke out that Rishi Sunak would be next prime minister of the UK, there was celebration.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi wrote, "Who would have thought when India celebrates 75 years of Independence from the British, the British will get a Prime Minister of Indian origin, a first ever Hindu PM #RishiSunak #LifeComesFullCircle #India."

Actress Pranitha Subhash too couldn't contain her excitement.

She tweeted, "Proud that (an) Indian is now the #BritishPM Rishi Sunak, you make Indians and Hindus proud."

She also went on to add, "Wishing Rishi Sunak, Britain's PM-elect and Karnataka's son-in-law a very good luck for his tenure! I feel proud as an Indian and as a Hindu that an Indian is the Britain PM."

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