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Mahat Raghavendra discloses why he chose his Hindi debut with 'Double XL'

Mahat Raghavendra discloses why he chose his Hindi debut with 'Double XL'

Chennai,  Tamil actor Mahat Raghavendra, who has done several commendable roles in Tamil cinema including the Ajith Kumar-starrer 'Mankatha', said that it was the script of 'Double XL' that bowled him over and he decided his launch vehicle in Bollywood.

The much-awaited film, which features Huma Qureshi, Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal apart from Mahat Raghavaendra, is a poignant story about self-love and makes a case for body positivity.

The Tamil actor said that the subject itself was the greatest motivating factor for him.

Mahat said: "Cinema, I believe, is designed to achieve so much more than merely entertain the audience. A Hindi film was long coming for me but when I read this script, I knew this was the film for me."

"It was Satram Ramani and Mudassar Aziz who offered the film to me and I am grateful that they thought of casting me. It is the most heartfelt debut film I could've asked for. Every man or woman I know has at some point been made to feel ashamed of their body. The film asks the world to see beyond the few extra pounds, the colour of one's skin, their height and every other insecurity they might be blinded by.

"Its intention makes it such a special watch. I had a wonderful time working with Huma, Sonakshi and Zaheer, Mudassar and Satram who have given their all to this film. It is our ode to everyone who feels they aren't enough. The film reminds them that they should be celebrated and loved for who they are and what they are."

For Mahat, it's an unusual choice but the actor said that stories are more than screen time. It is about the characters people play and the impact they have with what they play on screen.

"'Double XL' is a beautiful ensemble led by two of the most powerful actresses of our times along with Zaheer Iqbal. It doesn't matter if they are leading the film because in this movie, it is the story that trumps everything and everyone else."

"I am not looking just for lead roles but looking for interesting characters in every film that I pursue. I have been an actor for 10 years in Tamil films and this Hindi film has given me a fresh challenge and newer audiences to cater to."

He also added: "This film has also helped me form a great friendship with Zaheer. It's very rare to find a person who is genuinely helpful in this business and I feel that I am blessed to have found a friend in him who helped me at every step during the making of this film."

'Double XL' is all set to hit screens on November 4 this year.

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