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Assam: 35 cattle heads rescued by the police

Assam: 35 cattle heads rescued by the police

Guwahati,   At least 35 cattle heads were rescued by the police in Golaghat district of Assam, officials said on Wednesday.

A police officer informed that late on Tuesday night, the cattle heads were rescued in the Bokakhat area of the district.

The rescue operation happened while police were doing a routine check in that area and a truck carrying the cattle heads illegally was intercepted. The driver of the truck was arrested.

The person identified as Bulbul Hussain was interrogated by the police. Upon interrogation, Hussain informed police that the cattle heads were being brought from Kuruwabhi to Samuguri when it was stopped at Bokakhat by the police.

Police have been investigating this case to unearth further linkages.

Recently, 41 cattle heads were seized in the same area of Golaghat district. They were rescued from a container truck that was on its way to Samuguri. In a similar incident, 32 cattle heads were taken in a large haul by Assam police from four vehicles in the Sivasagar district last month.

According to government data, Assam police discovered almost 1,100 incidents of livestock smuggling last year.

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