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Policemen will lose jobs if found intoxicated on duty: Assam DGP

Policemen will lose jobs if found intoxicated on duty: Assam DGP

Guwahati,  The policemen in Assam may lose their jobs if found intoxicated during duty hours, warned the state DGP Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta.

He said that new rules will be introduced to check the wrongdoings of those policemen who do not work sincerely.

Mahanta also said that the state government has been working to quickly solve various problems faced by the police. It includes the lack of infrastructure, living quarters, etc. He said, "The chief minister immediately arranged the allocation of funds for the construction of 1,000 police residences when he was informed about the requirement. Moreover, there was a detailed discussion with him on various issues such as combating cybercrime, working to provide benefits to people's lives, etc."

The top cop said that the police should be friendly with the public. "Even people should not be called to the police station in petty matters rather the police personnel would visit their homes to provide services," he said.

"In Assam, we have decided to scrap small cases to lower the burden on the judiciary and police should also work in synchronization with this decision," the DGP added.

Mahanta thanked the Chief Minister for paying attention to the problems faced by the police department. He assured that the police will work tirelessly for the development of the state.

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