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I am not happy with my performances at times this season, says Chelsea's Sterling

I am not happy with my performances at times this season, says Chelsea's Sterling

London,  Attacking midfielder Raheem Sterling insisted he is staying patient in a new club Chelsea under a new head coach in Graham Potter this season, but the England international gave an honest assessment of his and the team's performances ahead of facing early Premier League pace-setters Arsenal on Sunday.

After joining Chelsea from Manchester City in the summer, Raheem Sterling's equaliser in Chelsea's last match 2-1 win over Dinamo Zagreb on Wednesday in the final Champions League group game, was his fifth goal of the season.

However, the England international sets high standards for himself and admits he has not been happy with his own performances at times this season, even if he has no concerns over his ability to match those lofty expectations moving forward.

"There's been early parts of the season that I was not happy with my performances," Sterling was quoted as saying by Chelsea's official website.

"So far I've been nowhere near the level that I need to be but I'm sure that will come as time passes. It's not something that I'm panicking or stressed about. It's part of the game. We're in a decent position in the table, we've qualified for the Champions League, but there will be better performances from myself in the near future," he said.

The 27-year-old also discussed his role in the team, having alternated between the front three and a wider role recently as Graham Potter searches for the right shape and system after joining Chelsea as head coach in September.

"You come to a new team, there's different things that are going to be asked of you and it's a different shape. I haven't played in a back five for a while, but it's something the manager's asked me to do and something that I'm more than happy to do as well. When we've got the ball I'm high and wide but of course you have to defend as well, that's part of the game. The more time I have to figure it out in this position the better I will do," he said.

"I feel my best position is as a winger, but like anything the manager has his way of playing. He's not had a full pre-season with us, he was dropped in in the middle of a storm really. He came in and I think he's grabbed it with both hands and he's trying to figure out the best personnel for positions and I'm sure with time it will come together nicely," Sterling said.

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