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Locals vandalize liquor den in Gujarat's Rajkot

Locals vandalize liquor den in Gujarat's Rajkot

Rajkot,  Locals attacked a bootlegger's den in Gujarat's Rajkot following cases of harassment and nuisance by drunken men in the area.

The den was attacked on Sunday night. The people living around the area had been complaining for a long time against the nuisance, and when no action followed, they decided to act on their own.

On Sunday night, the people gathered at the Shyamal crossroads and decided to raid the den.

When the Rajkot city police control room was informed about the large gathering of agitated people they alerted the Aji Dam police station team. The team rushed to the spot and found that the crowd had attacked the liquor den.

The police officer tried to pacify the agitated people and promised them of action against the bootlegger following which the mob dispersed.

The FIR lodged by head constable Nikunj Maraviya against the bootlegger Jagdish Mathasuriya and others, however, stated that during police patrolling they suspected a movement of the accused and on search found six kg of country liquor worth Rs 120 only.

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