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IIT Guwahati: 21% increase in pre-placement offers as compared to last year

IIT Guwahati: 21% increase in pre-placement offers as compared to last year

Guwahati, The Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG) has registered strong pre-placement in the current academic year with more than 21 per cent increase in offers during 2022-23 as compared to 2021-22, institute sources said on Monday.

IITG has already received a total of 218 pre-placement offers (PPOs) this year against the 179 offers received in 2021-22, with a highest pre-placement offer of Rs 1.20 crore per annum.

The PPOs would continue to be made till the commencement of phase-one of campus placements, which is scheduled on December 1.

Congratulating the students, IITG Director T.G. Sitharam said that the PPOs made this year shows the hard work of the students has paid off.

IITG invites more companies to visit and participate in hiring the top talent of the country, an institute statement said quoting the Director.

The statement said that a major contributor behind this performance is the strong internship programme and pre-placement talks arranged by the Centre for Career Development of the IITG for the students.

"We organised webinars in order to help the students gain insights about the fields and aid their preparation. We collaborated with technical clubs to help students reach the relevant study/course material for specific profiles resulting in increase in PPOs this year," said Abhishek Kumar, Head, Centre for Career Development.

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