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Soon, Unified Centres in Chennai, Coimbatore to ease registration process

Soon, Unified Centres in Chennai, Coimbatore to ease registration process

Chennai,  The Tamil Nadu registration department will soon set up Unified Centres in Chennai and Coimbatore on a pilot basis to ease the registration process.

This will help general public to avail of the services of the registration department including sourcing encumbrance certificates, birth and death certificates, marriage certificates etc.

The centres will ease the difficulties in providing services like document preparation, submission of documents that can be registered online, applying for encumbrance certificates, birth and death certificates and e- payments. A standard fee would be fixed for each service.

The department would constitute a committee to decide on the fee to be charged for each service which will be headed by the Inspector General of Registration, Government of Tamil Nadu.

Sources in the Tamil Nadu registration department told IANS that the proposal of the registration department has been cleared by the finance department and the project would be implemented soon.

The project is aimed at preventing corruption in registration offices without touts and middlemen fleecing gullible people who approach the registration department for getting their work done.

R. Krishnasamy, social activist and Secretary, Research and Studies Centre on Developing Societies, Coimbatore while speaking to IANS said, "This is a great move and would lead to a corruption-free environment in the state. Touts and middlemen will disappear."

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