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BJP workers attacked during AAP rally in Gujarat

BJP workers attacked during AAP rally in Gujarat

Surat,   A BJP candidate alleged that few persons running smoking joints joined AAP rally as workers and attacked BJP workers near Yogi Chowk in Surat on Saturday night.

Giving reasons for clash between AAP and BJP workers, BJP candidate from Kamrej constituency (Surat city), Praful Panseria, told the media, "During election campaign, I had promised voters that if they elect me as MLA, I will ensure that these smoking joints are closed in the area, fearing business getting closed, smoking joint owners on Saturday night joined the AAP rally as workers. When a bike accident took place near AAP public meeting, making it an issue, they attacked BJP workers, who were standing near the party's election office, because of which a minor confrontation and misunderstanding took place."

Surat City Additional Commissioner of Police - Sector -1, P.L. Mal told the media, "Clashes took place between workers of the two parties, police and paramilitary forces reached in time and dispersed workers. Situation is under control now."

Police deployment has been increased in the area in view of the incident.

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