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Punjab, Haryana farmers sensitised on stubble management

Punjab, Haryana farmers sensitised on stubble management

Chandigarh,  With its unique stubble management technology to minimise stubble burning, a major cause of air pollution in northern India, a Canadian smart seeder Mini-Max machine in coordination with Canadian Consulate General's Office here has sensitized farmers in Punjab and Haryana through winter wheat sowing trials.

For this, it has collaborated with the Northern Farmers Mega FPO, an organisation of 43 farmer cooperatives involving more than 12,000 farmer members.

Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd, which this month attended the CII Agro Tech 2022, on Tuesday said it completed the final phase of MINI-MAX technology demonstrations for winter wheat in multiple conditions in the northern region.

Detailed discussions with the governments of Punjab, Haryana and Centre about the role of the government in farmer welfare while working toward a sustainable farming model were held.

The key strategies included the subsidy for multi-crop no-till MINI-MAX along with other incentives like carbon credits for the farmers to use it.

An elated Puneet Singh Thind, founder and Director of Northern Farmers Mega FPO said the farmers were delighted to be part of this revolutionary endeavour in the agriculture.

The company's program included a CEO roundtable with leaders from various industries, including agro inputs, agro banking, produce processing and other agriculture related companies, regarding the benefits of a fully integrated farming supply chain model and how to work towards its realization.

Graeme Lempriere, company's Chairman and CEO, said: "India is one of the world's biggest agricultural markets and is projected to be one of the worlda�s fastest growing economies in 2022 with a projected growth rate at 6.7 per cent. India is focused on adopting new technologies that address the environmental challenges currently facing the agriculture sector."

The company in September announced that it has entered into a Letter of Intent with the Northern Farmers Mega FPO to distribute 1,000 smart seeder Mini-Max machines from 2023-2025 in Punjab and Haryana.

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