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Protests in Tenkasi, TN as waste dumping from Kerala continue

Protests in Tenkasi, TN as waste dumping from Kerala continue

Chennai,  Protests are growing in Tenkasi in Tamil Nadu as Kerala continues to dump waste -- both electronic and biomedical -- into the Naranapuram village in the district.

It is to be noted that a case has been registered at Thiruvengadam police station after poultry waste from Kerala was dumped into the farmlands at Naranapuram village.

Ullas Kumar, a resident of Naranapuram village while speaking to IANS said, "This is not acceptable. Biomedical waste and electronic waste is being dumped unabatedly into our farmlands and this is coming from Kerala. A case has already been filed at Thiruvengadam police station a fortnight before on dumping of poultry waste in our farmlands. We will be forced to conduct roadblocks if the police do not act immediately."

The farm owners are also protesting against the Tenkasi district authorities burning the biomedical and electronic waste without adhering to the union government's policy on biomedical and electronic waste management rules.

Tenkasi police have already raised the issue with Kanyakumari police as the waste from Kerala had arrived through the Kanniyakumari check post.

The district superintendent of police while speaking to media persons said that security has been tightened at Pulliyara checkpost bordering Kerala.

Local people told IANS that they would have to block the trucks coming to Tenkasi from Kerala as most of the truck drivers are resorting to dumping waste including biomedical waste into the farmlands of Tenkasi.

Rajashekaran Pillai, a resident of Nayanmar village while speaking to IANS said, "How can they dump the biomedical waste here? This includes syrup bottles, unused tablets, and used syringes. With rains, these tablets and other biomedical waste will mix with the water and will pollute our land with chemicals."

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