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Hybrid terrorism, radicalisation the biggest security concerns in Kashmir

Hybrid terrorism, radicalisation the biggest security concerns in Kashmir

Srinagar,  While there is no let-up in anti- terrorist operations across Kashmir to eliminate the militants and their commanders, a concerted effort is also being made to end the ecosystem that supports terrorists.

Security forces have conducted many successful anti terror operations. The number of local and foreign terrorists in Kashmir is in two digits and active terrorists in South Kashmir, which has remained a hub of terrorism, are at a record low. More than 300 terrorists are active in Jammu and Kashmir that includes 82 foreign terrorists and 53 local terrorists.

In Kashmir hybrid terrorism has emerged as a big challenge for the security forces. Hybrid terrorists are not categorised terrorists but radicalised youth who after carrying out an act of terrorism return to normal life and normal activities.

Hybrid terrorists have carried out several terrorist attacks on security forces and non local workers in Kashmir.

During a security review with top security officials on November 23, Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police Dilbag Singh directed the officers to review their action plans and take immediate steps to neutralise the terrorists.

He said hybrid terrorists need to be taken down and informed that over 100 modules of hybrid terrorists have been smashed.

But while the security forces have been keeping up the pressure on terrorists efforts are being made to check radicalisation and prevent the youth from drifting towards terrorism.

In a media interaction on November 22, the General Officer Commanding Lt. General Upendra Diwedi informed that 35 per cent of the terrorist recruits are less than 20 years old while 55 per cent are between 20 to 30 years.

He said the focus should be on education and upbringing of the youth and they must be given a chance to go to good schools and other parts of the country to see what is happening there.

"Keeping that in view we have sent 1,800 students from Jammu and Kashmir to other states for education," he said.

But even as winter has set in and snow has closed the passes for infiltration along the LoC, according to inputs, there are still 160 terrorists on the launch pads across the LoC waiting to cross into Indian territory.

Clearly blocking infiltration and tackling terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir are the biggest challenges for the security forces.

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