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3 green corridors set up to transport organs of Bhopal youth

3 green corridors set up to transport organs of Bhopal youth

Bhopal,  The family members of a 25-year-old youth in Bhopal, who died in a road accident, has donated his organs which will give new lease of life to six persons.

The organs were sent to Indore and Ahmedabad, for which green corridors were set up from the Siddhanta Hospital to the Raja Bhoj Airport by Bhopal police on Monday afternoon.

The youth, Anmol Jain, met with a road accident in Bhopal on November 17 following which he was rushed to the Narmada Hospital in a critical state. Later he was shifted to Siddhanta Hospital, where the doctors declared him brain dead on Sunday after a week's treatment.

Anshul Taran from Siddhanta Hospital told IANS that Anmol had received injuries on his head and there was hardly 15 per cent chance of his survival. In the last seven days, the doctors tried their best but his condition continued to deteriorate. He could survive for one week despite multiple injuries because he was young and healthy.

"Being a doctor, I knew that there was very little chance of his survival because of the serious nature of his injuries. We knew that Anmol being a healthy person, his organs could give new lease of life to others. So I discussed the matter with the senior doctors of the hospital, who said it would be good if the parents agree to donate his body.

"After Anmol was declared brain dead, I spoke to Anmol's sister and she agreed with my thought. Then I spoke to Anmol's father, Abhishek Jain, who said if the organs are functional, they should be donated," said Taran, who happens to be a cousin of the deceased.

Subsequently, the process to donate organs was initiated, for which some mandatory procedures had to be followed. A request proposal was sent to Bhopal's organ society for fulfilling the procedures after which the operational process was done at Siddhanta Hospital on Monday.

According to Taran, Anmol's eyes were sent to Gandhi Medical College in Bhopal, while one of his kidneys was kept at Siddhanta Hospital. The second kidney was given to Chirayu Hospital in Bhopal. His liver was sent to Chirayu Hospital in Indore, while the heart was sent to SIMS hospital in Ahmedabad.

Notably, three green corridors were set up in the city for the timely transfer of the organs from the hospital. One green corridor was set up to Chirayu Hospital, and another corridor for Indore. One route was set up till Bhopal airport to send the organ to Ahmedabad.

The deceased person's elder brother, Aditya Jain, told IANS that it was Anmol's desire that his organs be donated.

"We are proud that people will get a new lease of life because of our Anmol," Aditya said.

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