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Sharmila compares TRS with Taliban

Sharmila compares TRS with Taliban

Hyderabad,   YSR Telangana Party (YSRTP) leader Y.S. Sharmila on Thursday compared Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) with Taliban.

She said that those working in TRS are like Taliban.

She was talking to reporters after calling on Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan at Raj Bhavan here.

Sharmila was arrested by police on Tuesday when she was proceeding to Chief Minister's official residence in a car damaged in the attack on her convoy by the TRS men in Warangal district the previous day.

The police towed away the car with Sharmila in it to a police station.

The Governor had also expressed her anguish over the manner in which Sharmila was arrested.

While thanking the governor, Sharmila urged the Governor to intervene and seek a report from the Home Ministry, and the office of the DGP.

In the representation submitted to the governor, she alleged that the TRS government has been 'trampling the hands that are raised in protest, and strangling the voices that scream in hopelessness'.

"In this instance where they went amok against us, it was a clear case of subversion and state-sponsored intrusion into the Padayatra that was going on peacefully," Sharmila said about the attack on her convoy in Warangal district.

"Our bus was almost gutted and we luckily escaped from being burnt alive. Our party activists were beaten barbarically and the cops did not even accept our complaint, later.

The cops stood mum while this dastardly act went uncontrolled. Shockingly, they detained and arrested me and brought me to Hyderabad, but the attackers were let off, she said.

The sister of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy alleged that when the next day she was proceeding to the chief minister's residence to show the bus to him, she was stopped and in a barbaric fashion 'my car was lifted in a crane as I was still sitting inside'.

"During my year-long padayatra, I have been regularly targeted with sexist and derogatory remarks by none other than senior TRS ministers. This reflects the state of affairs in Telangana, under the TRS rule," she said.

Sharmila told the Governor that she now sees a possible threat to the lives of committed party workers, and continued attacks on her padayatra.

Later, she told reporters that thousands of crores wee being siphoned off in the name of contracts in Telangana.

Sharmila alleged that KCR family is the richest in India. She said Kavitha is involved in Delhi liquor scam. Raids on houses of Kavitha and KTR will yield hundreds of crores, she said.

She slammed TRS for calling her Andhraite. She reminded them that wife of Minister KTR is also from Andhra.

"When you respect his wife, you should also respect me," she said.

Sharmila recalled that she was born and brought up in Telangana.

"I studied here and married here. My past is here and my future is here," she added.

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