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Netflix User Has No Chill After Finding Out Ex's Friend Was Using His Account for Two Years

Netflix User Has No Chill After Finding Out Ex's Friend Was Using His Account for Two Years

Netflix has become almost ubiquitous around the world, especially among the millennial demographic. And given the predisposition many of that generation have for sharing expenses with their peers, whether its for cab rides, meals out and other consumables, it's no wonder that accounts on streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and others are often shared between people.

Indeed, this has become so endemic, that at the ongoing Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas, Netflix announced that it will be using a new Artificial Intelligence system to track the sharing of login credentials and accounts.

As previously reported, a UK company has launched a new AI solution to help service providers (including streaming platforms) track, and crack, down on the illegal sharing of login credentials for active accounts. While this move has been met with trepidation and annoyance by many users of streaming platforms, who have a more laissez faire attitude to content sharing than providers would like, one Netflix user is definitely welcoming the development.

A Reddit user, with the handle of The_Duff, recently shared screenshots of a conversation he had had with an ex-girlfriend’s friend, to whom he hadn’t spoken for more than two years. The "friend" messaged The_Duff out of the blue and asked whether he had paid the latest Netflix fee because the former couldn't log into the latter's account.

The_Duff, who initially didn't even know who was messaging him, was incensed to learn that his ex's pal had been logging into the account and watching content gratis for the last two years. To add insult to injury, after The_Duff demanded that the media mooch immediately desist from using the account and he was changing his password forthwith, the 'friend' got annoyed and accused the actual owner of account of being 'cheap' and making fun of him for not being able to "even afford £10".

Not one to take abuse from somebody who'd been mooching off of him for the last two years, The_Duff responded, "Hahaha the irony of someone saying I can’t afford to pay for something that they have been leeching off of for over 2 years."

Ever graceful, the original cheapskate threw a tantrum, complaining that he really wanted to watch Netflix because he had nothing else to do that night, before The_Muff had enough and blacked him. The streaming Scrooge had one parting shot, which you can read in the entire epic exchange below.

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