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Post photos of potholes on app, not on social media: Goa minister

Post photos of potholes on app, not on social media: Goa minister

Panaji,  Goa PWD Minister Nilesh Cabral on Wednesday appealed to the people of the state to post photos of potholes on the specially developed app rather than posting them on social media.

Cabral was speaking after launching a 'Jetpatcher machine', which helps fix potholes, at Taleigao in North Goa.

With constant complaints coming from the public and allegations by opposition over potholes on roads, the state government has launched an app to identify them, along with engaging 'Jetpatcher' machines to repair roads.

The Congress had launched a 'Spot the Potholes' campaign before the Assembly election and had targeted the BJP government for failing to repair potholes.

Cabral said that initially the app will be accessible only to PWD engineers and later it will be opened for the public.

"Engineers will visit various areas for the next two months and click pictures of potholes which will be sent to the contractors, who will repair the potholes. Later the app will be opened for the public, who can then post photos on it rather than posting them on social media.

"It will be easy for us to get information of potholes on the app," he said.

Cabral said the Jetpatcher machine is used not only in India, but across the globe in various forms to fill potholes.

He said that through this app, all the activities of repairing potholes will be monitored.

"Not only potholes, but roads also get washed out during monsoon. We will get details of all such incidents. We want to put the system in place through this app," he said.

He also said that one machine each will be stationed in both the districts.

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